"Bumps you hear ain't the ones to concern yourself with. Ones you don't that'll end ya."

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GENRE: Drama

LENGTH: Full-Length

Three coal miners in 1940s West Virginia fight for survival after a mine collapse leaves them trapped deep within the earth. As their hours of entombment turn to days, the need for the basic elements evolve into personal struggles for each man. A returning soldier copes with re-entering a mining industry unappreciative of his service. A seasoned miner fights to save the life of a dear friend’s son. A greenhorn struggles to understand how a future so full of hope can collapse due to the simplest of life decisions. As the hunt for water dries up, the men are confronted with voices and shadows from the past intent on driving them against each other and themselves. Each man must search inside himself for the meaning and forgiveness needed to appease the monstrous shadows encroaching from the periphery of his own sanity.


Male: 5 Female: 1


  • Kitchen Dog Theatre's New Works Festival, Semi-Finalist


  • Workhouse Theatre - Reading
  • Chicago Dramatists - Reading
  • Cold Basement Dramatics - Production