The Nothing That Is Something

"It’s invisible, yes. But it's there. As real as the air we breath."

production photo


GENRE: Drama

LENGTH: Full-Length

From metal hooks, patients dangle in a purgatorial meat locker somewhere between the living and the dead. And it’s getting crowded. The bodies have been gathering ever since one brain-dead patient miraculously returned to the land of the living. As the staff at St. Nicholas’s Hospital desperately search for a reason for the patient’s return, Dr. Adilene Reynolds finds her life crumbling around her – the cause she has built her career on is taking a beating, her mother has become a shut-in, and her ex-boyfriend won’t stop loving her. Matters of faith and forgiveness, the brain and the heart take center stage in the quest to find an answer to the question: What’s it even mean to be alive?


Male: 3 Female: 4


  • O'Neill National Playwrights Conference - Finalist
  • Goodman Theatre's Playwrights Unit - Finalist


  • Prop Theater's Church of the New Play - Reading
  • Palm Beach Dramaworks - Reading