full-length Plays

" Koalas " by J Joseph Cox

"Koalas" by J Joseph Cox


Two Acts. Running Time: 2 hours.

The only thing more territorial than the escaped koala living in Ray Slinger’s backyard is Ray himself. His sense of protectionism goes into overdrive when Nate (Natalie), his gender-nonconforming son, pops in for a stay and, John, his unemployed brother, shows up with a suitcase full of woe.

When John discovers that Ray is about to lose his visitation rights, he teams up with Ray’s neighbor, Gabby, and goes about trying to convince Nate that Ray is worthy of his time. Their plan backfires when the duo stumbles onto something that hits Ray a little too close to his heart. Can this twentieth-century man survive the dawning of the twenty-first?

Koalas explores the ever-changing definition of masculinity. It has a unit set and one Andrew Lloyd Webber-loving koala.


  • Finalist for the 2015 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference.
  • Finalist for the 2015 Princess Grace Playwright Award.
  • 2016 Playwrights First Award Top Five.


  • The Blank Theatre's Living Room Series. Los Angeles, CA January 2017
  • Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series. Chicago, IL January 2016
  • Something Marvelous’s Festival of Magical Realism. Chicago, IL. May 2015. 
  • Little Festival of the Unexpected. Portland Stage Co. Portland, ME. May 2015.
  • Seven Devils Theatre Conference. Id Theatre. McCall, ID. June 2015.
  • Three Cat Productions New Play Festival. Chicago, IL. June 2015.
"St. Paulie's Delight"  by J Joseph Cox

"St. Paulie's Delight" by J Joseph Cox


Two Acts. Running Time: 2 Hours.

The recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage has sent Paul Blinker, event planner extraordinaire, into full-fledged groomzilla mode. When he receives word that his unknown “shut-in” of an aunt has passed away, he holds a formal memorial service for her. After all, what better opportunity to test out his wedding reception’s color palette?

A day-of shift in plans for his aunt’s service coincides with a change in plans for Paul’s own life as input from his friends and fiancé suddenly leaves Paul with no control over either situation. His well-honed vision for his future in shambles, Paul must confront the possibility of burying his definition of family along with his mysterious aunt.

St. Paulie’s Delight is a full-length comedy that explores the lengths that one will go to to stave off loneliness. It has a unit set, a cast of six to eight, and a glorious mahogany casket made from trees gnawed down by the angels themselves.


  • Finalist. 2016 Chicago Equity Theatre All Access New Play Award.
  • Semi-Finalist. 2014 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference.
  • Finalist. 2013 Dayton Playhouse FutureFest.


  • Great Plains Theatre Conference Play Lab. Omaha, NE. June 2015.
  • Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series. Chicago, IL. October 2013.
  • Dayton Playhouse FutreFest. Dayton, OH. July 2013.
"Thirst"  by J Joseph Cox

"Thirst" by J Joseph Cox


Two Acts. Running Time: 2 hours.

Three coal miners in 1940s West Virginia fight for survival after a mine collapse leaves them trapped deep within the earth. As their hours of entombment turn to days, the need for the basic elementssafety, comfort, water, and lightevolve into personal struggles for each man. A returning soldier copes with re-entering a mining industry unappreciative of his service to his country. A seasoned miner engages in a hopeless fight to save the life of a dear friend’s son. A greenhorn struggles to understand how a future so full of hope can collapse due to the simplest of life decisions.

When the hunt for water runs dry, games of Hangman and talk of future plans descend into accusations of cowardice and treachery. The miners are confronted with voices and shadows from the past intent on driving them against each other and themselves. Each man must search within himself for the meaning and forgiveness needed to appease the monstrous shadows encroaching from the periphery of his own sanity.

Thirst is a full-length play that explores the actions and decisions people make which lead them to lives they may not have otherwise chosen for themselves. It is set in a single location and has a cast ranging from five to eight actors (depending on doubling.) There are some technical requirements involving the creation of human shadows that interact with the actors on stage.


  • Staged Reading. Workhouse Theatre, Minneapolis, MN. April 2016.
  • Produced by Cold Basement Dramatics. Chicago, IL. January 2012.


"The 800-Pound Gorilla"  by J Joseph Cox

"The 800-Pound Gorilla" by J Joseph Cox

THE 800-Pound Gorilla

Running Time: 15 minutes.

While breaking into an abandoned pizza joint, two brothers stumble upon an animatronic gorilla that brings up disparate memories for the two.


  • Phoenix Theatre Company, Oakville, CT. June 2016.
  • The Artistic Home Studio, Chicago, IL. August 2012. 
"A Very Busy Man"  by J Joseph Cox

"A Very Busy Man" by J Joseph Cox


Running Time: 15-Minutes.

When her boss goes missing, Sherry Pendleton is left dealing with the loose ends of his personal and professional life.


  • Short Film. Feeling Tone Films. John Fecile, Director, 2015. Watch it here. 
  • The Artistic Home Studio, Chicago, IL. January 2012.
"The Good Wife"  by J Joseph Cox

"The Good Wife" by J Joseph Cox


Running Time: 10 Minutes.

When Barbara Baker decides to help her friend host a candle party, the salespitch turns into a therapy session and Barbara’s true feelings about her husband’s cross-dressing slowly emerge.


  • Staged Reading. Winneshiek Players. Rockford, IL. July 2012.
"Grindrd"  by J Joseph Cox

"Grindrd" by J Joseph Cox


Running Time: 8 minutes.

Two teenagers, bent on being treated as grown-ups, discover a jaw-dropping secret that makes them second-guess their own preparedness for being adults.


  • Production. Theatre InspiraTO. Toronto, Canada. June 2017.
  • Staged Reading. Chicago Dramatists. Chicago, IL. October 2014.
"Grindrd"  by J Joseph Cox

"Grindrd" by J Joseph Cox


Running Time: 1 minute.
2 characters M or F.

A story about 2-people fishing. Or are they?


  • Production. Gi60 (UK). You can watch it here.